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I was lucky. I had a mother who was a portrait artist, and who literally taught me at her knee how to draw and paint. At age seven, I took a clay play class and knew I had found my passion for working with my hands to creatively express my views of the world around me.

I studied art in college at the University of Maryland, where I graduated with a bachelor of arts in 1977. I studied with Ouida Canaday, in Atlanta, the Arts Student League in New York and with other artists throughout the years.

I spent four weeks in at an artists residency in 2012 in Chandigarh, India, with Nek Chand at the Nek Chand Rock Garden, where I learned mosaic sculpture and helped to digitally archive the records of Nek Chand before his death.

In 2012, I joined the Artists Atelier in Atlanta, where I continued to work with 15 other Atlanta-based artists. I  had two solo shows and am working on a third now.  I have had pieces of my art and photography in numerous shows, but believe the real proof of my artistry is in the continuing work over a 40 plus year span.  

I currently live in Atlanta and maintain a studio at the Urban Art Collective. I have two co-adventurers, my daughters, Michelle and Cara who are now world travelers themselves.

My co-adventurers, Mich and Cara.

(L to R) My inspiration, teacher and mother, Fran Landau, me, and my father, Dave Landau at a photography show in Atlanta.

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